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The extremely important role that basic refrigeration plays in our lives, on a day to day basis, is often discounted and in many cases, as with other things, taken for granted. The very suppliers that we depend on daily for the provision of essential basic services such as the green grocer on the corner, the friendly take-away outlet, restaurants and liquor retailers all make use of walk in freezers, cold rooms and/or beverage coolers.

In addition to providing full turn-key services to the air conditioning industry, we also service and repair all types of industrial and commercial refrigerators as well as special application chillers.

At Tricon Airconditioning and Refrigeration , we fully understand the implications when your refrigeration reliance is compromised – stock losses, non delivery of essential services, loss of business income. We offer emergency on site service and repair to all makes of industrial and commercial refrigeration applications.

For more information on the above services, simply email A friendly consultant will revert on how best we may be of assistance to you.
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©Copyright Tricon Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 2023 (All Rights Reserved)
After hours call out service 064 418 0620